Supporting Local Music

Thank you for visiting my site. I'm a life-long musician, both solo acoustic as well as front man for the alt/rock band We Are Bullethead. I perform cover songs in addition to my own music. My work in the local music scene has connected me with some great people and venues all over the country. 

In addition to writing and playing music, I have been working on ways that musicians can support each other.

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"We met Jeff last year at a bar he was playing at in Hampton Beach, NH. We could not believe the music that came from this man and his guitar. We were so impressed we flew him out to Southern California this year to play for 150 people at my 1980's themed birthday party. Jeff and his skills were the highlight of the party. We could have selected from hundreds of local acts here in SoCal, but it was an easy choice to bring him out." - Todd Kleinow


Song of The Week

You & I is a song I wrote with my band We Are Bullethead. You can hear the full version on our album Greatest Hits Vol.2. The version was taken at a show I was hosting for unsigned artist back in 2014. 

In 2007 Jeff started interviewing local musicians for a podcast show called Boston Garage Bands. After several months and a couple dozen interviews he started hearing a similar theme. The local music scene didn't have a place that was dedicated just for them. Myspace, being the popular site at the time, was great but local music was lumped in with national acts and was lost in the shuffle and hard to find. So unless you knew what you were looking for, you would have a hard time finding new music from an unsigned artist. 

In 2008 he created The first Social Networking site devoted solely for original, unsigned and local musicians in MA. The artists could create and maintain their own profiles, post pictures, videos, create events and get their music heard more and connect with fans easier. 

In 2009 he launched one of the first online radio stations playing music from the artists on the site 24/7 for the whole world to hear. Word spread and soon bands from all over wanted to join and in 2010, while doing an interview with Pulse Magazine, where he was named one of the Top 10 People to Watch, he expanded and changed the name of the site to New England Garage Bands. The site started making t-shirts for local artists and hosting concerts for all ages. Most shows were broadcast live on the station or recorded and posted as a podcast on the site and iTunes so fans all around the world could listen. The website/Radio Station starting gaining notoriety and for the first time an online radio station was nominated for "Station Most Supportive of Local Music" at the Worcester Music Awards three years in a row. 

In late 2010 the site and radio station expanded to the whole world and rebranded it self as N E G B 1. Soon bands from all over the world were creating profiles and connecting with each other, sharing ideas and setting up dates to play shows together. It was what Jeff had dreamed of since it's conception. Then in 2012 Doctors found a large lump on his thyroid and for health and personal reasons he had to walk away from it all and the site and radio station were shut down. 

Over the years Jeff stayed an active part of the local music scene playing acoustic music in bars and restaurants all over New England, hosting awards shows, collaborating with musicians from all over the country. He was featured in Between the Notes video documentary For his life’s accomplishments. 

In 2016 his band We Are Bullethead was signed to a short lived record label deal and continue to play local shows and released their debut album Greatest Hits vol2 this past June.  To see past interviews with last cal artists and hear his own music and find coming show dates visit his website Jeff